2.1 - Words of one syllable

If you’ve worked through Unit 1 carefully, you will now be familiar with the letters of the Ukrainian alphabet, and should be able to recognise them in short words and abbreviations. The next step is to understand how the letters combine into syllables or one-syllable words, and then into longer words.

The simplest syllables (you've already met a few in the previous unit) consist of a single vowel. Most syllables, however, are made up of one or more consonants and a vowel. Given below are a few syllables which are also words in their own right. Click on the buttons to hear how they sound.

виyou (formal and plural)
па-па!bye! (informal and to children)
тиyou (informal singular)
чиwhether, if, or; interrogative particle
щоwhat, that
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