2.6 - Easily recognisable words

You can now read simple words, and have an idea of how they sound. You've probably realised by now, from the examples given on previous pages, that many Ukrainian words are similar to words in English or other languages. When you start reading longer texts in Ukrainian, being able to recognise such words (these may be loan words or cognates), even if you've never seen them before, will greatly assist in understanding the texts. Here are some more examples:

метро metro (underground)
кур'єр courier (messenger)
роль rôle (part)
букет bouquet (bunch of flowers)
альтернатива alternative (noun)
нікотин nicotine
пірат pirate
алгебра algebra
шик chic (style)

To practise recognising related words, go to Exercise 2.6A.

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