15.2 - Non-first declension nouns

If you have learned to recognise the case endings of first declension nouns, you have covered the majority of the noun types in Ukrainian. On pages 15.3 and 15.4 a number of other noun types will be presented. Different grammars variously categorise these as 2nd and/or 3rd (or even 4th) declension so, in these materials, the term "non-first declension" is used (to avoid controversy!).

The two groups of nouns which decline differently from first declension ones are:

  • feminine nouns ending in a consonant or consonant plus -ь and
  • neuter nouns ending in a consonant plus -а or -я, with a stem which grows in some of the cases.

You will still see some of the characteristic endings for various cases, but these types are frequently characterised by changes in their stems.

In addition to these there are a number of exceptions, which will be presented on page 15.6.

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