18.5 - Demonstrative pronouns

As their name suggests, these indicate or point to someone, something, a quality or quantity.

Цей, той

These have adjectival forms, which were presented on page 17.4. They can be emphasised by adding о- (an abbreviation of the indicatory particle от), to give оцей, отой.

Той is also useful if one wishes to emphasise the definite nature of a noun (as there are no articles in Ukrainian, this has to be done by other means):

Друг – це та людина, яка завжди тобі допоможе. A friend is the person who will always help you.

For comparison, the indefinite nature of a noun can be highlighted by the use of один or якийсь (for the latter see page 18.7):

Я бачила одну (якусь) жінку... I saw a woman ...

Той can also replace він, as shown in the Ukrainian version of the name "You know who", the villain of the Harry Potter books:

Той, кого не можна називати He who may not be named


This is adjectival in form and function, and was dealt with on page 17.4. All the above pronouns can combine with others to create further phrases:

цей самий this same one, the same
той самий that same one, the same
такий самий the same as, like
хто (це) такий who is it (this)
що (це) таке what is it (this)
такий-сякий so-and-so (derogatory)


This denotes "so much", "so many", and is declined like a noun:

Nom. стільки
Gen. стількох
Dat. стільком
Acc. стільки/стількох
Instr. стількома
Loc. стількох

As might be expected from a pronoun which denotes quantity, стільки is followed by the genitive, the singular for mass nouns and plural for count nouns:

Україні потрібно стільки електроенергії... Ukraine needs so much electricity ...

With the negative particle не, the pronoun стільки can be used in the construction не стільки ... як and не стільки ... скільки:

Мова йде не стільки про матеріальний бік, як про якість освіти. The issue is not so much the money side as the quality of education.
На виборах українці не стільки обиратимуть, скільки каратимуть політиків. At the elections Ukrainians won't be electing so much as punishing the politicians.

Note the use of стільки in a well-known proverb:

Не стільки світу, що у вікні. There is more to the world than what you see through the window.
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