Nouns with end stress in singular and stem stress in plural

In this type of noun the stress in singular falls on the stem and in plural on the ending. There are relatively few useful nouns which conform to this stress pattern. There are, however, a number of important nouns which conform in some cases but not others.


Example of a feminine noun with a regular end stress – stem stress pattern : сім'я́ – family:

  Singular Plural
Nominative сім'я́ сі́м'ї
Genitive сім'ї́ сі́ме́й*
Dative сім'ї́ сі́м'ям
Accusative сім'ю́ сі́м'ї
Instrumental сім'є́ю сі́м'ями
Locative сім'ї́ сі́м'ях
Vocative сім'є́! сі́м'ї!

* alternative stress in gen. pl.

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Nouns of the сестра́ (sister) type – end stress in singular, stem stress in plural (except in vocative singular):

  Singular Plural
Nominative сестра́ се́стри
Genitive сестри́ се́сте́р*1
Dative сестрі́ се́страм
Accusative сестру́ се́сте́р*
Instrumental сестро́ю се́страми
Locative сестрі́ се́страх
Vocative се́стро! се́стри!

* alternative stress in gen. and acc. pl.

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Nouns of the вода́ (water) type - end stress in singular, stem stress in plural (except in accusative and vocative singular):

  Singular Plural
Nominative вода́ во́ди
Genitive води́ вод
Dative воді́ во́дам
Accusative во́ду во́ди
Instrumental водо́ю во́дами
Locative воді́ во́дах
Vocative во́до! во́ди

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Nouns of the земля́ (earth, land) type - predominantly end stress in singular (except in accusative and vocative), predominantly stem stress in plural (except in genitive*).

  Singular Plural
Nominative земля́ зе́млі
Genitive землі́ земе́ль
Dative землі́ зе́млям
Accusative зе́млю зе́млі
Instrumental земле́ю зе́млями
Locative землі́ зе́млях
Vocative земле! зе́млі!

* These nouns have the same stress pattern as вода. The shift in stress in the genitive plural is usually caused by the insertion of an epenthetic (fleeting) vowel, which attracts the stress away from the stem.

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Example of a masculine noun with this stress pattern: кінь – horse.

There are few frequently-used words with this stress pattern. Most nouns will predominantly conform, with variations in stress in various cases, or alternative stress, as below (see voc. sing).

  Singular Plural
Nominative кінь ко́ні
Genitive коня́ ко́ней
Dative коне́ві/коню́ ко́ням
Accusative коня́ ко́ні/ко́ней
Instrumental коне́м кі́ньми/ко́нями
Locative коні́/коне́ві ко́нях
Vocative ко́ню! ко́ні!


Example of a neuter noun with this stress pattern: число́ – number:

  Singular Plural
Nominative число́ чи́сла
Genitive числа́ чи́сел
Dative числу́ чи́слам
Accusative число́ чи́сла
Instrumental число́м чи́слами
Locative числі́ чи́слах
Vocative число́! чи́сла!

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