As with other parts of speech, there are two approaches to learning stress patterns relating to verbs.

If you are interested in how the language works, and have some knowledge of Ukrainian, click to see the principal rules. The aim here is to illustrate how the type of verb stem, the suffix of the stem and the conjugation influences the stress pattern, rather than to provide an exhaustive list of rules.

If you just wish to focus on the correct learning of verb forms and their stress patterns, click on the links below to see examples of verbs with stable and stem stress, lists of verbs which follow these patterns and some exercises.

Please note that stress in aspectual pairs of verbs (imperfective/perfective) may either be identical (e.g. роби́тизроби́ти) or may shift (e.g. повідомля́типовідо́мити). Where there is no shift, both aspects are given together; where there is a shift, each of the aspects is given separately, in the list for the relevant stress pattern.

This section currently focuses on a limited number of verb forms, in particular infinitives, tenses and gerunds. Stress patterns for other forms e.g. participles, imperatives etc. will be added at a later date.

The conjugation of verbs in Ukrainian, including forms and endings, can be found in Read Ukrainian! pages 8.2, 8.3, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 11.3.

Verbs with stable stress

Verbs with shifting stress

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