вода water
Parts of speech


вода gen. води - water

водичка gen. водички - water, diminutive

водиця gen. водиці - water, diminutive


водний - relating or pertaining to water

водяний - consisting of or living in water, aquatic

водянистий - watery, wishy-washy







Useful compounds
and collocations

мінеральна вода - mineral water

питна вода - drinking water

водний спорт - water sport

водяна лілія - waterlily

Additional information

1. вода is mentioned in many folk sayings and songs, for example: заховати кінці у воду - to leave no trace of something (literally, to hide the ends of something in water); схожі як дві краплі води - as like as two peas (literally, like two drops of water).

2. given the importance of water for science, medicine and production processes, there are over 100 words, in Ukrainian, which are compounds of вода and another word, and begin with the syllables водо-.

Related words

воднолижний - relating to water skiing

Водолій - Aquarius

водонагрівач - water heater

водоспад - waterfall

водограй - fountain (poetical)

водень - hydrogen

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