вулиця street
Parts of speech


вулиця gen. вулиці - street

вуличка gen. вулички - street (diminutive)

провулок gen. провулка - alley(way)


вуличний - relating or pertaining to a/the street








Useful compounds
and collocations

вуличний ліхтар - street lamp

вулична їжа - street food

вуличний рух - street traffic

вуличний ринок - street market

вуличний театр - street theatre

на вулиці - on the street, on (name) Street

Additional information

1. the Вуличний університет (Street University) in Lviv is an informal educational institution serving as a forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge between academics, researchers and members of the public

2. in Ukraine's past вулиця was often used to denote leisure, as in вийти на вулицю; in a rural context, where entertainment was scarce, coming out onto the street after the day's work was a way of meeting people and relaxing; this is mentioned in many folk songs, for example: "На вулиці скрипка грає, мене мати не пускає ..." - " the violin plays in the street, but mother won't let me out of the house ..."

3. вулиця also, especially in towns and cities, has the negative connotation of street culture or environment

4. in addresses вулиця is the most frequently used, but the address may contain the words провулок (see above), площа - square, проспект - avenue, набережна - embankment, бульвар -  boulevard etc.

Related words

вулик - beehive

вуличник - homeless person, living on the street (colloquial)

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