жінка woman
Parts of speech


жінка, gen. жінки - woman, also wife

жіноцтво - women in general, womankind


жіночий - pertaining or relating to a woman, female, feminine (including grammatical gender), womanly

жінчин - pertaining or relating to one's wife, wife's







Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. жіночка- 'little woman' (the diminutive of жінка) is sometimes used in Ukraine to describe or address a woman, but is considered by many to be derogatory, patronising or sarcastic

2. жінка also traditionally has the meaning wife, but these days дружина is considered more polite

3. the vowel 'і' in жінка alternates with 'е' in some older related words , also with 'о'(see below).

Related words

женитися - to get married (about a man, literally, 'to wive'); still sometimes used today, with preference given to одружуватися

жених - suitor (archaic in both languages!)

багатоженець - polygamist

двоєженець - bigamist

жонатий - married (about a man, literally 'wived'); these days одружений is more frequently used

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