мороз frost
Parts of speech


мороз gen. морозу - frost

морози gen. морозів - frosts, a cycle of frosty weather

морозець gen. морозцю - frost (diminutive)

морозище gen. морозища - (severe) frost (augmentative)

заморозки gen. заморозків - light frosts


мороз(я)ний - frosty; freezing cold



мороз(я)но - (it's) frosty, freezing



морозити - to make (someone or something) icy cold


Useful compounds
and collocations

сильний мороз - severe frost

(мене) морозить - (I feel) very cold (unwell)

морожені продукти - frozen food (products)

Additional information

 1. мороз (frost) and мерзнути (to feel cold) are related (the different forms are explained by the alternation of о/е)

2. 'Мороз' is a frequently encountered surname in Ukraine, including the legendary 17th century Cossack Morozenko, about whom the following song was written: 'Ой Морозе, Морозенку, ти славний козаче, за тобою, Морозенку, вся Вкраїна плаче' - 'Oh, Moroz, you glorious Cossack, all Ukraine is mourning you'

3. 'морозець пішов поза шкірою' - 'shivers went down (my) spine'

4. 'Дід Мороз' - Old Father Frost, was introduced in Soviet times as a tradition for New Year, to replace St. Nicholas and the celebration of Christmas; the latter has returned in the post-Soviet era, although many people still consider Дід Мороз to be an important part of the New Year celebrations.

Related words

морозильник, морозильна камера- freezer (appliance)

морозиво - ice-cream

заморожувати, заморозити - to refrigerate; freeze (food, capital, wages etc.)

морожений -  frozen

відморозити - to get frostbite (in a part of the body)

мерзнути - to feel cold; to freeze

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