хлопець boy
Parts of speech


хлопець, gen. хлопця - boy, also young man, young guy, also boyfriend

хлопчик - little boy (diminutive)

хлопчина, хлоп'я, хлоп'ятко - boy (diminutive)

хлопчисько - boy (augmentative)


хлопчачий, хлоп'ячий - boy's, boys', boyish, puerile

хлопців, хлопцева, хлопцеве - relating or pertaining to a boy







Useful compounds
and collocations

мій хлопець - my boyfriend

Additional information

1. хлопець should not be confused with холоп(ка) or хлоп(ка), a derogatory term used, in the past, to denote serfs or bonded peasants

2. хлоп is sometimes used colloquially to mean guy, especially in Western Ukraine, e.g. from a song by the Не журись band: 'Львівське пиво - то є класа, робить з хлопа супераса' (Lviv beer is really classy, it turns a bloke into a superhero).

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