Ukrainian language on computers

Notes on working with Ukrainian text on a computer with an English-language keyboard and user interface can be found here.

Online resources

Slovnenya - online dictionary with translation to/from Ukrainian.

Dictionaries of Ukraine Online - online database showing how the endings of Ukrainian words change depending on their use in a sentence.

Slovnyk ukrainskoi movy - an online version of the 11-volume comprehensive dictionary of Ukrainian published in 1970-1980 (Soviet-era).

Ukrainian Orthographic Norms - official norms for spelling and punctuation in modern standard Ukrainian.

Google Україна

To use the Google search engine via a Ukrainian interface, go to Google Ukraine and click on "українська" at the bottom of the page (unless the setting has already been saved on your computer). The results of a search can be filtered to give priority to sites in the Ukrainian language via "Інструменти пошуку" (Search tools) > "Iнтернет" > "Сторінки українською мовою".