Most particles are short words which do not change their form. A particle can be one of a number of parts of speech. The material below will help you to revise the principal meanings and pronunciation of the most frequently used particles (even though many don’t present a problem, as they are composed of just one syllable!).

More information on particles in Ukrainian, their meanings and use: Read Ukrainian! page 19.5.


ні/а́ні́no, neither

би/бexpressing conditional

ажup to, as far as, as many as

же/жexpressing emphasis


адже́for, after all

ті́льки, лише́only

са́ме, якра́зprecisely, just

хоч биeven if (only)

хіба́?really? is that so?

невже́!?surely (not)!? that can’t be!

авжеж́of course, naturally, indeed

ма́йжеalmost, nearly


та́ко́ж*, тежalso

чи?changing a statement into a question

хай, неха́йlet, may

осьhere is, that is


що за...!what (a) …!

*one of a small number of words in Ukrainian where the stress may fall on either syllable.


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