Ukrainian Festival Food: Notes

The photographs in the slides show some of the food traditionally prepared at Easter. They are accompanied by texts (A1/A2 level) giving the names of the dishes and sentences describing some Easter traditions.

Using the slide show as an introduction to the present tense

In the texts accompanying the photographs Ukrainians talk about themselves, using the “we” form of the verb (the first person plural) in the present tense, e.g. “we prepare, we take, we go” etc. It is easy to find the verb in each sentence, as, in Ukrainian, the “we” form of the present tense ends in «-мо»: пишемо, готуємо, їмо etc. The word for “we” in Ukrainian is «ми», but you often don’t need to use it, as the ending «-мо» tells you who is doing the action. If you want to use the “I” form of the verb, the ending is nearly always «у» or «ю» e.g. пишу, іду, готую («їм» - I eat – is an exception). You can see these forms of the verbs in the vocabulary list. To find out more about the present tense go to Read Ukrainian! - Unit 10.

Transcript and translation of slides

Великдень (Пасха)Easter (synonym, using the Greek word “Paschal”)
Великодні традиції та стравиEaster traditions and dishes
До Великодня (під час Великого посту) пишемо писанки.Before Easter (during Lent) we make (literally – write) Easter eggs.
У Квітну (Вербну) неділю йдемо до церкви святити лозу (вербу).On Palm Sunday (literally – Flowering / Willow Sunday) we go to church to have the willow blessed.
На Великдень ідемо до церкви, несемо святити кошик. У кошику – паска, писанки та традиційні великодні страви.At Easter we go to church and take a basket to be blessed. In the basket there is an Easter bread, decorated eggs and traditional Easter food.
Вдома готуємо традиційні святкові страви, разом сідаємо до столу та їмо «свячене».At home we prepare traditional festival dishes, all together we sit down at table and eat “what has been blessed”.
Ласкаво просимо до столу!Do come to the table!
На столі: яйце, хрін, сир, буряк із хріном, м’ясо (ковбаса, шинка, полядвиця), салат з картоплі, масло, паска, медівник (медяник) і торт!On the table are: eggs, horseradish, cheese, beetroot with horseradish, meats (sausage, ham, pork loin), potato salad, butter, Easter bread, honey cake and gâteau!
Смачного!!!Enjoy the meal!!!
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