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Learning a new language is fun, and learning Ukrainian will open up a whole new world for those who have a go. Although the Ukrainian alphabet (which uses the Cyrillic script) is different from, say, English, it is not difficult to learn. Once you are able to make out Ukrainian words, you will find that you can use your knowledge of other languages (as well as a dictionary) to help you understand simple written texts, and to start to say and write straightforward sentences.

The aim of this website is to show you how easy it is to start understanding Ukrainian, and to introduce you to some aspects of Ukraine and its culture. There are four main sections, on the following topics:

Each topic is presented in one or two slide shows (in Ukrainian). The animations on the slide shows allow you to look at an illustration (or a word or phrase) and then click on the next slide to see the text, and then the English translation, if appropriate. Each topic is accompanied by a set of notes, giving a brief introduction to the language points and a list of the vocabulary used in the slides.

To use the resources on this site you need to know the Ukrainian alphabet. To learn or practise this go to Read Ukrainian! - Unit 1.

Note for teachers of Ukrainian.

N.B. To play the slide shows, which are in SWF format, you need to have Adobe Flash Player (or equivalent) installed on your computer.

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