Ukrainian text

Many pages in this course include pieces of Ukrainian text. To ensure this is displayed correctly on your screen, the pages should be viewed using the "Unicode (UTF-8)" character encoding. The pages themselves contain the required information for your browser to automatically determine this encoding. If, for some reason, the pages are not displayed correctly, check that your browser's encoding auto‑select or auto‑detect feature is turned on. Alternatively, you can manually set the encoding of individual pages to Unicode (UTF-8). (Depending on your browser, the character encoding may also be called language encoding, text encoding or just encoding.)

Writing in Ukrainian

Some of the exercises in this course invite you to practise writing in Ukrainian. Assuming your computer is set up so that the usual input language is, say, English, you need to add Ukrainian as an input language. Then you can switch between input languages as required, either by clicking/tapping on a button or using a keyboard shortcut. The steps required for adding and switching between input languages depend on your computer's operating system. You should be able to find the necessary instructions in your computer's Help facility (search for "input language "or similar).

Naturally, when you switch to the Ukrainian language you need to determine the positioning of the Ukrainian characters on the keyboard. The simplest way is to activate the on-screen keyboard which is available on most computers, and then switch to Ukrainian. Again, you should be able to find the relevant instructions in your computer's Help facility.

Audio passages

Some pages include audio passages which you are invited to listen to. If you don't hear any sound when you click or tap on the "play" buttons, it could be because you are using an old version of your browser. Do, however, check that your computer has a loudspeaker built in or connected, and that the volume is set appropriately! 


Some features on this site use the Javascript scripting language. If Javascript is disabled in your web browser, then these features will not work properly. Enabling Javascript is easy, but the method depends on the browser you are using. Instructions for some commonly used browsers can be found at

Flashcard exercises

Some of the exercises in this course are of the "flashcard" type. These should be completed as follows:

  1. Click the "Next card" button to see the first card.
  2. In relation to this card, complete the task specified in the instructions at the beginning of the exercise.
  3. Click the "Next card" button again to see the correct answer.
  4. Click the "Next card" button to see the next card and repeat steps 2 to 4.
  5. When the final card is reached, the sequence restarts from the beginning.
  6. If you are confident you know the correct answer for a card which is visible, click the "Delete card" button to remove the card from the current session of the exercise.
  7. Continue going through the remaining cards until you are confident you know all the correct answers.
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