Exercise 6.2A

This exercise relates to the listening passage on page 6.2. You can listen to the passage again here:

Identify in the passage each phrase which may be used in a telephone conversation, then give its literal English translation and any comments on its use. In each case click on 'show answer' to see if your response is correct.

Phrase 1

«Доброго дня (привіт), це Оксана, чи можна попросити Тамару?»

"Hello, this is Oksana, is it possible to ask Tamara (to come to the phone)?"

(if the phone is answered by someone other than the person you’re calling, identify yourself and ask for the person to be called to the phone)

Phrase 2

«Доброго дня, вас турбує ...»

"Good day, you are being bothered by ..."

(often used in formal conversations)

Phrase 3

«А ви не знаєте коли вона повернеться?»

"You don’t know when she will be back?"

(used when the person isn't there)

Phrase 4

«А який у вас номер?»

"What’s your number"

(a not very polite phrase to use if you’ve dialled the wrong number)

Phrase 5

«Вибачте, це номер 123-456-789?»

"I’m sorry, is that (number) 123-456-789?"

(a more polite phrase, if wrong number)

Phrase 6



(appropriate when you answer the phone)

Phrase 7

«Слухаю вас»

"I’m listening (to you)"

(appropriate when you answer the phone)

Phrase 8

«Хто дзвонить?»

"Who’s calling?"

(not appropriate if the call is not for you, but for a friend or flatmate)

Phrase 9

«Його зараз немає, чи потрібно щось йому передати?»

"He’s not here right now, can I pass on anything (any message) to him?"

(appropriate if the call is not for you, but for a friend or flatmate)

Phrase 10

«Він зараз не може підійти до телефону. Ви не могли б передзвонити через півгодини?»

"He can’t come to the phone right now. You couldn’t phone in half an hour?"

(as above)

Phrase 11

«Він не міг би вам передзвонити?»

"Could he ring you?"

(as above)

Phrase 12

«Вибачте, зараз у мене гості/зараз у мене важлива нарада, дозвольте, я вам передзвоню»

"I’m sorry, I’ve got guests right now/I’m in an important meeting, may I (allow me to) ring you back?"

(when you cannot continue the conversation)

Phrase 13

«На все добре», «До зустрічі», До побачення»

"All the best", "See you soon", "Goodbye"

(polite phrases to end a phone call)

Phrase 14



(inappropriate, suggests indifference)

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