Exercise 6.3A

A number of situations may arise when you need to write a brief description, in Ukrainian, of your studies and interests. Look at the examples on page 6.1 and use these to write a similar text about yourself. Before you do so you may wish to revise the present and past tenses (Units 8 and 10) and cases of nouns (Units 7 and 15) in Read Ukrainian!

Write sentences, in Ukrainian, giving the following information (true or fictional!). In each case click on 'show answer' to see a suggested response.

Your name

Мене звати [...] (name in the nominative)

Where you were born, grew up and went to school

Я народився/народилася і виріс/виросла (виростав/виростала) в/у [...] (place in the locative)

Закінчив/закінчила середню школу в/у [...] (place in the locative)

Where you studied for your first degree

Закінчив/закінчила [...] університет/факультет

(name of the university is normally expressed as an adjective e.g. Лондонський університет; the department may be expressed as an adjective e.g. економічний факультет, or, if the name is longer, as a series of nouns in the genitive e.g. факультет економіки і прогнозування)

What and where you are studying at the moment

Зараз вивчаю [...] (accusative of the subject) в/у [...] (locative of university – see above)

Where you worked after graduating

Після навчання працював/працювала [...] (instrumental of your occupation or position) у [...] (locative of place or organisation)

Details of your Masters degree

Отримав/отримала магістерський ступінь із [...] (genitive of the relevant subject)

When you began your PhD

Вступив/вступила до аспірантури в [...] році / [...] років тому

What you are researching

Займаюся проблемами/питаннями (instrumental) [...] (genitive)

Your hobbies and interests

Мої хобі: [...] (either a list of nouns in the nominative, or, in colloquial register, a list of verbs in the infinitive)

У вільний час полюбляю [...] (verbs in the infinitive) / займаюся [...] (instrumental of the activities you are involved in)

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