3.5 Reference

This section contains the language you will need to understand and produce spoken and written Ukrainian when negotiating various relevant situations. Although you may not need to have an active knowledge of all the language given below, it is always useful to learn the basic vocabulary and phrases, as you will not always have access to a dictionary.

Basic vocabulary

ванна кімната bathroom

гарячий hot

готель hotel

гуртожиток hostel

двомісний номер twin (double) room

душ shower

житло accommodation

замовити book, order

зняти квартиру rent an apartment

зупинитися stop, stay

меблі furniture

меню (карта) menu

м’ясо meat

на першому поверсі on the first floor

напій (напої) drink(s)

номер hotel room (also number)

овочі vegetables

однокімнатна квартира one-room apartment

поверх floor, storey

рахунок bill

ресторан restaurant

риба fish

розташований located

страва dish

туалет toilet

холодний cold

фрукти fruit

Once you have learned the above, test yourself by doing Exercise 3.5A.

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