7.5 Reference

This section contains the language you will need to understand and produce spoken and written Ukrainian when negotiating various relevant situations. Although you may not need to have an active knowledge of all the language given below, it is always useful to learn the basic vocabulary and phrases, as you will not always have access to a dictionary.

Basic vocabulary

аспірантура (study for) PhD

бал mark

вища освіта higher education

вищий навчальний заклад (ВНЗ) higher education establishment

відрахування withdrawal (from study)

вступ (в університет) enrolment (for university)

графік timetable

громадське життя університету university social life

гуртожиток hall of residence

докторантура (study for) post-PhD degree

домашнє завдання / домашня робота home assignment

доповідь paper

конспект notes

лекція lecture

навчальний корпус teaching block

навчання study

наука academic work, scholarship, learning

наукова праця piece of scholarly writing

оцінка assessment, grade

пара class (teaching event)

предмет subject

правило regulation

освіта education

реферат synopsis, abstract, essay, paper

розклад timetable

співбесіда interview

твір essay

урок lesson

Once you have learned the above, test yourself by doing Exercise 7.5A.

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