бабуся grandmother, granny
Parts of speech


бабуся, gen. бабусі - grandmother, granny

баба - grandmother, also old woman (see below)

бабка, бабця, бабуня - granny (diminutives)


бабусин, бабусина, бабусине - grandmother's, granny's, relating or pertaining to grandmother or granny

бабин, бабина, бабине - grandmother's, relating or pertaining to grandmother







Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. баба may be used to denote an old woman; also as a derogatory term for a woman - as with many terms of ancient origin, political or social correctness is not an issue here!

2. баба / бабка have around a dozen different meanings in Ukrainian - just a few of the more useful ones are listed here.

3. For those with an interest in folk culture: баба was also the name given to a village midwife, giving rise to the verb бабити (now archaic), meaning to deliver babies.

Related words

прабаба, прабабка - great grandmother

бабій, бабич - womaniser

бабинець - traditionally, a place in church designated for women

баба, бабка - traditional Easter bread

бабка - dragonfly

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