Word formation and change: Introduction

Evidently, the first step to knowing the vocabulary of a language is learning the words. Over the centuries, though, many factors have influenced Ukrainian language change and the development of the vocabulary. It is therefore also important to understand how words have developed, how they change so as to express different grammatical functions, how different parts of speech are derived, and how register, style, affect and nuance are reflected in words. These pages focus on the changes words undergo and how they are derived.

Other resources in this collection deal with grammar and stress. To learn more about words in their grammatical context, see Read Ukrainian. For an overview of stress patterns in words, see Dealing with Stress in Ukrainian. A concise yet scholarly account of the development of Ukrainian words may be found in: George Y. Shevelov, 'Chapter 17: Ukrainian', in The Slavonic Languages, ed. by Bernard Comrie and Greville G. Corbett (London, 1993).


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