батько father
Parts of speech


батько, gen. батька - father (see also тато)

N.B. батьки , батьків - (in plural) parents



батьківський - fatherly, like a father

батьків, батькова, батькове - belonging  or pertaining to the/a father



по-батьківському - in a fatherly way




Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. the informal word for dad, daddy is тато

2. батьківщина, with stress on the first syllable: inheritance, legacy (also: спадщина, спадок).

3. батькуватися - to swear, by insulting someone's father (some linguists consider this to be a more traditional Ukrainian way of swearing, rather than матюкатися (to insult someone's mother!).

Related words

прабатьки - ancestors

батьківщина, батьківщини - fatherland, native country (note stress on third syllable)

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