берег shore, coast
Parts of speech


берег gen. берега - shore, coast, (river) bank



береговий - waterside, coastal, riverside

набережний - coastal

лівобережний - relating to the left bank of a river

правобережний - relating to the right bank of a river







Useful compounds
and collocations

(пливти) до берега - (to swim, sail) to the shore

на березі ріки - on the river bank

Лівобережна Україна - Left-bank Ukraine (see note 5 below)

Правобережна Україна - Right-bank Ukraine (see note 5 below)

Additional information

1. the locative of берег is a good example of how stress changes meaning: на березі - on the shore or bank; на березі (from береза) - on the birch tree

2. most etymologists agree that берег originates from Proto-Indo-European and is related to berg - a hill or high place, in German and other languages

3. the verb берегти (to protect, take care of) is not related to берег

4. "Берег чекань" (The Shore of Expectations) is an anthology of poetry by Vasyl Symonenko (1935-63), which was first published in Munich in 1973, as almost no work by Symonenko was allowed to be printed in Ukraine at the time

5. Лівобережна Україна is the name given by historians to the part of Ukraine on the left bank, to the east, of the Dnipro river; Правобережна Україна is the designation for those lands on the right bank, to the west, of the Dnipro.

Related words

береги - the margin(s)

набережна - embankment, coastal road

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