близько near
Parts of speech



близькість gen. близькості - nearness, closeness


близький - near, close

близе(се)нький - (very) near, close (dimininutive)

ближчий - nearer, closer (comparative)


близько - (it's) near, close by

поблизу - nearby, not far

близе(се)нько (it's) very near (diminutive)

ближче - (it's) nearer, closer



ближчати - to draw nearer

Useful compounds
and collocations

близький друг - a close friend

близькі родичі - close family, relatives

Близький Схід - the Near East

Additional information

1. the stem близьк- derives from the Old Slavonic близъ(къ) which, in turn, originates from the Indo-Euopean for 'to press, squeeze'; etymologists relate the word to the Latin fligere (to beat) and the French presser (to press, squeeze) and près (near).

Related words

ближній - a neighbour (as in 'love thy neighbour')

близнюк, близня, близнятко - twin

близнята - twins

приблизний - approximate

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