брат brother
Parts of speech


брат, gen. брата - brother

братик, братусь - dear / little brother (diminutive)

братство - brotherhood, fraternity (usually referring to an organisation)

братерство - brotherhood, fraternity



братів, братова, братове - brother's, relating or pertaining to a brother

братерський - brotherly, fraternal

братній - brotherly, fraternal

братський - brotherly, fraternal, also common (as in братські могили, common graves)





брататися - to set up brotherly relations (with), fraternise


Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. the usual way to say cousin or first cousin is двоюрідний брат (literally, brother at two removes); the word кузен does exist, but is now rarely used.

2. брат is sometimes used loosely to mean cousin; to emphasise that it's a brother being mentioned, rather than a cousin, the phrase рідний брат (own brother) might be used.

3. second cousins follow the above pattern - троюрідний брат

4. the same system works for  двоюрідна сестра -  literally, twice-removed sister.

5. a word etymologically related to брат exists in many languages: brother (English), bruder (German), frater (Latin), frère (French), bradha (Hindi)

Related words

братова - brother's wife, sister-in-law

братан, братанець - nephew (brother's son); see племінник

братаниця - niece (brother's daughter); see племінниця

братки - pansies (flowers)

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