будинок house
Parts of speech


будинок gen. будинку - house, building

будиночок gen. будиночка - small house, building

будівля gen. будівлі - building, structure

буд(к)а gen. буд(к)и - hut, cabin


будинковий - relating or pertaining to a building






(з)будувати - to build


Useful compounds
and collocations

житловий будинок - residential building

багатоповерховий будинок - multi-storey block

ляльковий будиночок - doll's house

власний будинок - one's own house (as opposed to a flat in a block)

Additional information

1. the word будинок reflects the fact that most people living in towns and cities in Ukraine live in blocks of flats, and owning a separate house or building is less usual than in some countries

2. an interesting building in Kyiv is the Будинок із химерами (House of the Chimaeras), built in 1901-2 by the architect Vladyslav Horodetskyi as a dwelling fo his family; it is decorated with mythical creatures and hunting scenes

3. in conjunction with other nouns or adjectives будинок can also mean 'centre', for example: будинок вчителя - teachers' centre, дитячий будинок - children's centre, будинок культури - cultural centre.

Related words

будівництво - construction (process, business)

будівельник - builder

будівельний майданчик - building site

будова - construction, structure

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