буря storm
Parts of speech


 буря gen. бурі - storm, gale, tempest



буряний - stormy, relating to a storm



буряно - stormily





Useful compounds
and collocations

Additional information

1. буря в склянці води - storm in a teacup

2. there are other words for different types of storm: хуртовина, завірюха, метелиця (буран is also in use) - snowstorm, blizzard; шторм - gale, storm at sea; гроза - thunderstorm; пилова буря - sandstorm

3. буря should not be confused with буряк (beetroot) or бур'ян (weeds)

4. Кость Буревій (1888-1934) was a Ukrainian poet, dramatist, literary critic and revolutionary who fell victim to the Stalinist repressions of the 1930s.

Related words

буревій - hurricane

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