город kitchen garden
Parts of speech


город gen. городу - kitchen garden, vegetable garden

городчик gen. городчика - kitchen garden (diminutive)

городець gen. городця - kitchen garden (diminutive)


городній - relating to, grown in, a kitchen garden








Useful compounds
and collocations

городні плоди - vegetable produce

садово-городній центр - garden centre

Additional information

1. both город (as above, note stress on second syllable) and город (an archaic/poetic word for 'town', 'city') are related to о(б)городжувати - to enclose, fence off; their derivation can also be traced to the Latin hortus (garden) and the Greek χόρτος (fence, enclosure); the word город still exists in the names of various Ukrainian towns and cities, such as Миргород and Ужгород

2. in some varieties of Ukrainian город is used to denote a garden in general

2. a children's rhyme: Ходить гарбуз по городу, питається свого роду: 'Ой, чи живі, чи здорові всі родичі гарбузові?' -  In the garden Mr. Pumpkin walks, with his relatives he talks: 'How is all the pumpkin clan? Alive and well, all to a man?'

Related words

(о)горожа -  enclosure, fence

городити, о(б)городжувати - to enclose, fence

городина - vegetables, greens (see also овочі)

городник - (market) gardener

городництво - vegetable growing

перегородка - dividing wall, partition

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