град hail
Parts of speech


град gen. граду - hail

градина gen. градини - hailstone

градище - (heavy) hail (augmentative)



градовий - relating to hail, bearing hail







Useful compounds
and collocations

іде град - hail is falling, it's hailing


Additional information

1. град may be used metaphorically to denote a large quantity e.g. град запитань - a barrage of questions, град куль - a hail of bullets

2. 'Град' is the name of a multiple rocket launcher initially produced in the Soviet Union

3. compared to other types of weather, there are relatively few sayings about hail, but here is one example: град аж стогне в хмарі - the hail can't stop groaning in its cloud

4. град (meaning 'hail') should not be confused with the Old Slavonic word for 'town' or 'city'; in modern Ukrainian this is місто, but град is sometimes used in elevated or poetic registers, as in the New Year carol (щедрівка) 'У Києві граді дзвони залунали' - 'The bells rang out in Kyiv town'.

Related words

градобій - hail damage

градом - in large quantities (like hail)

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