грім thunder
Parts of speech


грім gen. грому - thunder

громи gen. громів - thunder (plural), prolonged thunder

громовиця - thunderstorm (also гроза); lightning (also блискавка)


громовий - relating to thunder, thundery; thunderous (sound), stentorian (voice)

грімкий, гримкий, гримучий, гримлячий - thundering, roaring, emitting a very loud noise





гриміти - to thunder; resound (of noise, fame, glory)


Useful compounds
and collocations

громовідвід - lightning conductor

Additional information

1. грімниця - thunder with lightning; also denoted a candle which was traditionally lit during a thunderstorm, and placed in front of icons in a house, as protection from the storm; people also used грімниця for Стрітення, the feast of Christ's presentation at the Temple (interestingly, also called Candlemas in English, when, traditionally, all candles in a house were lit)

2. there are many folk sayings relating to thunder, for example: як грім з ясного неба - like a bolt from the blue; як громом прибитий - thunderstruck

3. громовержець or громовик - the thunderer (literally 'thunderbolt-thrower') is used in ancient mythology when describing Zeus/Jupiter.

Related words

гримати - to rumble, fulminate; to shout (at someone)

громити - to destroy, ruin, rout

погром - pogrom

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