дідусь grandfather
Parts of speech


дідусь, gen. дідуся - grandfather, grandad

дід - grandfather, also old man

дідо, дідунь, дідуньо - grandad (diminutives)



дідусів, дідусева, дідусеве - pertaining or relating to a grandfather

дідів, дідова, дідове - pertaining or relating to a grandfather or to an old man







Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. this word is used in the name of Дід Мороз, Old Father Frost, in ancient times a personification of winter but, in Soviet (and, for some people, post-Soviet) times, a secular New-Year surrogate for the traditional Святий Миколай, St. Nicholas.

2. дідівщина - the bullying of new army recruits by those towards the end of their military service

Related words

діди (in plural only) - ancestors

дідич -  a landowner (historical)

дідух - the wheat sheaf traditionally placed in the corner of a Ukrainian house at Christmas

дідько - devil, demon, evil spirit (not to be confused with дід or дядько!)

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