дівчина girl
Parts of speech


дівчина, gen. дівчини - girl (plural дівчата), girlfriend

дівчинка, дівчатко - little girl (diminutive)

дівча - girl (diminutive)

дівка - girl (colloquial, archaic)


дівочий - relating or pertaining to a girl (or maiden); maidenlike

дівчачий - girl's, girls'







Useful compounds
and collocations

дівоче прізвище - maiden name

Additional information

1. there are many mentions of this word in folk songs, especially in the diminutive дівчинонька, whenever a sad destiny, or unhappiness in love, is the theme of the song

2. the word дівчина has many diminutive and augmentative forms; only the more common ones are given here

3. Діва Марія - The Virgin Mary

4. дівич-вечір - in the past, a gathering of a bride's female friends on the eve of her wedding, to say goodbye to her maidenhood; a traditional equivalent of a hen night!

Related words

діва - girl, maiden, unmarried girl (poetic, archaic)

дівувати - to be, live as, a girl, before getting married (now archaic)

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