дорослий adult
Parts of speech





дорослий, gen. дорослого - adult male, grown-up

доросла, gen. дорослої - adult female, grown-up

дорослі, gen. дорослих - adults (plural)






рости - to grow

доростати, дорости - to grow to (a specific size or stage, maturity etc.)


Useful compounds
and collocations

дорослий вік, also зрілий вік - adulthood

Additional information

1. дорослий etc. are not nouns, they are past participles of the verbs рости. For this reasons they have adjectival endings.

2. повноліття (full age) is used to denote adulthood in the legal sense.

Related words

виростати, вирости - to become fully grown, grow to full size or adulthood

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