друг friend
Parts of speech


друг - male friend

подруга - female friend

друзі - friends (used for mixed gender or masculine only)

дружба - friendship

дружність - friendliness


дружній - friendly

другів, другова, другове - relating or pertaining to a friend

дружний - harmonious, coordinated



дружньо, по-дружньому - in a friendly manner, as friends



дружити - to be friendly with, to have friendly relations with


Useful compounds
and collocations

дружні стосунки - friendly relations

співдружність - commonwealth

Additional information

1. the words on this page are all related through другий (second); each word has connotations of relations with a second person or group of people

2. the consonants 'г' alternates with 'з' and 'ж' in different derived parts of speech: друг - друзі - дружба

Related words

другий - second

дружина - wife

дружба - one of a bridegroom's best men

дружка - bridesmaid

подружжя - a married couple

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