дитина child, offspring
Parts of speech


дитина, gen. дитини- child, offspring

діти, gen. дітей - children, offspring

дитинка, дитя - child, diminutive

дитинство - childhood

дітлахи - children, kids (colloquial, normally used in plural)


дитячий - child's, children's

дитинячий, дитинний  - child's, childish, puerile






дитиніти - become like a child, revert to childhood

Useful compounds
and collocations

дитсадок (дитячий садок) - kindergarden, nursery

дитбудинок (дитячий будинок) - children's home

дитмайданчик (дитячий майданчик) - children's playground, play area

Additional information

1. діти is often used as an affectionate term for young people (older than children)

2. The plural of дитина is діти (see above). However, when used with a numeral to indicate a specific number of children (for example, involved in an incident in the news), the plural is дитини (e.g. 4 дитини).

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