знайомий an acquaintance
Parts of speech


знайомство, gen. знайомства - acquaintance, familiarity



знайомий, gen. знайомого - an acquaintance (masculine)

знайома, gen. знайомої - an acquaintance (feminine)

знайомі, gen. знайомих - acquaintances (plural)






(по)знайомитися (з) - to become acquainted (with), get to know


Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. знайомий etc. are not nouns in Ukrainian, they are present participles of the verb знати (to know), formed from its stem знай-. For this reason these words have adjectival endings.

Related words

знати - to know

знання - knowledge

пізнавати, пізнати - to get to know, become familiar with, recognise

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