їсти to eat
Parts of speech


їжа, gen. їжі - food

їда , gen. їди- food, mealtime, eating


їстівний - eatable, edible






їсти, з'їсти - to eat

їстоньки, їсточки - to eat (diminutives, used with children)

Useful compounds
and collocations

я хочу їсти! - I'm hungry! (literally, I want to eat!)

здорова їжа - healthy food

Additional information

1. near synonyms for їжа are: харч (food), продукти (food produce), кухня (cuisine)

2. їсти за двох - to eat like a horse (literally, to eat for two); їсти біду - live in poverty (literally, to eat poverty); їсти когось очима - to stare at someone with emotion (literally, to eat someone with one's eyes); їсти чужий хліб - to be dependent on someone (literally, to eat another's bread); поїдом їсти когось - to nag someone incessantly (literally, to eat someone corrosively).

Related words

їдальня - dining room, canteen

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