кава coffee
Parts of speech


кава gen. кави - coffee



кавовий - relating or pertaining to coffee








Useful compounds
and collocations

кавник - coffee pot

кавоварка - coffee maker, percolator

кавомолка - coffee grinder

розчинна кава - instant coffee

кавове зерня - coffee bean

кавовий столик - coffee table

Additional information
Кава зі Львова

1. the 17th-century Ukrainian-born diplomat Юрій Кульчицький (Georg Kolschitzky) is credited with founding the first coffee shop in Vienna (and one of the first in Europe) in 1683; he helped to relieve the Turkish siege of Vienna and was rewarded with 300 sacks of coffee taken from the Turkish camp; there is currently a street (Kolschitzkygasse) named after him in Vienna, with a statue on the street corner

2. the city of Lviv in western Ukraine has a long tradition of coffee houses; there are currently many кав’ярні in the city centre, where a wide selection of coffees (as well as gâteaux and pastries) can be sampled.

Related words

кав'ярня - Austrian-style coffee shop

кафе  - café (indeclinable; a straight loan from French)

кафетерій -  cafeteria

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