комора larder
Parts of speech


комора gen. комори - larder; storeroom

комірка gen. комірки - cubby hole, small room, closet (diminutive); cell (physics)

комірчина gen. комірчини - cubby hole, closet (diminutive)


комірковий - relating to a small room (or cell, in physics)








Useful compounds
and collocations

комірка пам'яті - memory cell (in computer)

комірковий телефон - cellphone

Additional information

1. the Old Slavonic root of this word has given rise to two lexemes: комора, комірний relate to a room for storage, whereas комірник, комірне (archaic) relates to lodgings and rent

2. however, further to note 1 (above): the word комірник gained its present meaning because of the комірники, the poorest 18th-century feudal classes living in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Lithuania, who worked as hired labourers and lived in their employers' premises, including outhouses (комори); this also gave rise to the verb коморити (dialectal) - to live in rented accommodation

3. комора and комірник should not be confused with комір (collar), as the latter derives from the same root as the French collier and is related to the Ukrainian word коло (circle)

4. in modern Ukrainian квартирант is normally used for 'lodger'

5. In the Ukrainian translation of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', Harry initially lived 'у комірчині під сходами'.

Related words

закомірок, закамарок (in current Ukrainian - закапелок) - secluded place, nook

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