країна a country
Parts of speech


країна gen. країни -  (a) country, land

край gen. краю - land, country, also border, edge


крайовий - relating to a/the land, country








Useful compounds
and collocations

по всій країні - all over the country

країнознавство - area studies

рідний край - native land (poetic)

далекі краї - distant lands (poetic)

покласти край - to put an end (to)

у крайньому разі - in the last resort, if all else fails

крайні погляди - extreme views

Additional information

1. країна and край are both derived from the Old Slavonic for 'to cut', and are etymologically related to кроїти (to cut with a knife or scissors); край then additionally developed the meaning 'border, edge, end'

2. Україна is also, therefore, related to країна and край, with the name meaning 'borderland' ('Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine' is a popular book by the journalist Anna Reid,published in 1997).

Related words

крайній - extreme

крайність - extremeness

крайнощі - extremes

окраєць - crust (of bread)

край - beside, by, near (also біля)

вкрай - extremely, completely, absolutely

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