лежати to lie
Parts of speech



лежання gen. лежання- (the state of) lying (down)





лежачи - lying down (gerund)



лежати - to be lying (down), to lie (state), rest, stay in bed through illness

полежати - to lie for a while (state), stay in bed

лягати - to be in the process of lying down (action)

лягти - to lie down (action)

Useful compounds
and collocations

(вам) треба полежати кілька днів - (you) should stay in bed for a few days

Additional information

1. лежати has a large number of related words and derivations, a selection of which is given below; they are formed from the various stems of the verb, including - леж-, ліж-, лож-, лог-, ліг-

2. the verbs лежати/лягати are derived from Old Slavonic, and are related to the old German ligen, old Icelandic liggja, old Irish laigim and words in many other languages

3. from a folk song: 'Сам п'ю, сам гуляю, сам си стелю, сам лягаю ...' - Alone I drink, spend my free time, alone to bed, alone to sleep ...'

Related words

ліжко - bed

ліжечко - bed (diminutive)

ложе - bed (of a river); couch, bed (archaic, poetic)

ліжник - homespun woollen blanket

підлога - floor

лежак - deck chair, sun lounger

лігво, лігвище - lair, den

пологи - giving birth, confinement (compare archaic 'lying in')

пологовий будинок - maternity unit

належати - to belong

залежати - to depend

(не)залежний - (in)dependent

облога - siege

розлогий - wide, spacious

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