ліс forest, wood
Parts of speech


ліс gen. лісу - forest, wood

лісок gen. ліска - small wood, grove (diminutive)

лісочок gen. лісочка - small wood, grove (diminutive)


лісовий - relating to the/a forest or wood

лісистий - wooded, covered in forest







Useful compounds
and collocations

у/в лісі - in the forest

по лісу - around the forest

лісосмуга - forest belt

лісостеп - forest-steppe region, partially wooded steppe

тропічний ліс - rainforest

Additional information

1. Лісова пісня (Forest Song) is a play by the poet and dramatist Lesia Ukrainka (1871-1913), drawing on the folk beliefs of north-western Ukraine; the action takes place in the forests of Volyn', where the mythical denizens of the forest interact with humans; the лісовик (old man of the forest) is a father figure in this 'society'.

2. ліс(к)овий горіх is a traditional name for фундук (hazelnut); the bush from which hazelnuts are cultivated is ліщина (ліска), which is most likely etymologically related to ліс.

Related words

ліс(ів)ник, лісничий - forester, forest ranger, warden

ліс(ів)ництво - forestry

лісоруб - woodcutter, lumberjack

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