людина human being
Parts of speech


людина, gen. людини - human being, person, individual

люди, gen. людей - human beings, people

людство - humankind, humanity


людський - human, relating or pertaining to a human being or human beings

людський, людяний - humane



по-людськи, по-людському - (acting, living) as human beings, as other people do

людно - crowded




Useful compounds
and collocations

права людини - human rights

Additional information

1. The plural of людина (human being) is люди (see above). However, when used with a numeral to indicate a specific number of people (for example, involved in an incident in the news), the plural is людини (e.g. 24 людини).

2. особа and its derivatives is used for person, personal etc.

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