мати mother
Parts of speech


мати, gen. матері (accusative case: матір) - mother

матінка, матусенька, матуся, матка - dear mother (diminutive)

материнство - motherhood



материн, материна, материне - mother's, relating or pertaining to a mother

матерній - motherly, maternal

матусин - mother's, relating or pertaining to a mother (in diminutive form)







Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. мати is the only noun of its kind, grammatically, except for its compounds (for the full declension see https://ukrainianlanguage.uk/read/unit15/page15-4.htm)

2. мати is etymologically related to мачуха, stepmother

Related words

материк - continent, mainland

матушка - sometimes used to denote the wife of an orthodox priest, this word is a loan from Russian; the traditional Ukrainian word is їмость

матка - fertile female of a species of animal; queen bee; womb or uterus

матюкати(ся) - to swear (traditionally by insulting someone's mother); use foul language

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