молодий young
Parts of speech



молодь - young people

молодість - youth, young years

молодик - youth, young man


молодий, молода, молоде - young (also see note below)

молодший, молодша, молодше - younger, junior in rank or seniority

молоденький - (very) young (diminutive)

молодіжний - relating or pertaining to youth or young people





молодіти, молодшати - to become, feel or look younger


Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. молодий, молода, молодята (молода пара) may all be used to denote the bride and groom (in adition to наречений, наречена)

2. молодий can also mean new, as in молодий місяць, молоде вино etc.

3. Молодець! is used as an exclamation to praise someone or their actions, equivalent to Well done!

Related words

молодець - good guy, good lad, clever person (also see above)

молодиця - young married woman

молодята  - bride and groom

моложавий - looking young for one's years (note the д/ж alternation here)

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