одружений married
Parts of speech



одруження - (the action of) marrying


одружений, одружена - married

неодружений, неодружена - unmarried, single







одружуватися, одружитися - to get married, to marry


Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. As with a number of other words, одружений is related to другий, дружина etc. (see entry for друг)

2. одружуватися is a generic term denoting 'to get married'; there are, traditionally, specific terms for men and women: женитися - for a man (a literal translation might be 'to wive'); виходити заміж (to go out following one's husband) for a woman; this last refers to the fact that the bride would usually leave her parents' home and go to live with her husband's parents.

Related words

дружина - wife

подружжя - marriage, married couple

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