ожеледь surface frost
Parts of speech


ожеледь gen. ожеледі - surface frost, hoar frost; also black ice

ожеледиця gen. ожеледиці -  black ice










Useful compounds
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Additional information

1. some etymologists suggest that ожеледь (and its Old Slavonic version 'жлҍдицɑ') is related to the Latin 'gelu, gelidus' (which would make it related to 'jelly'!); others aren't convinced, and consider it more likely that it is related to the Persian 'žāla'

2. 'на деревах ожеледь, на дорогах ожеледиця' is a phrase used to distinguish between the finer meanings of the two similar words

3. ожеледиця on roads and pavements in Ukraine can be a serious problem, as surfaces are not always treated in winter; ожеледь presents a different danger, as heavy deposits of ice on overhead power lines can bring them down and disrupt power supplies

4. 'вночі і ожеледь, і мряка, і сніг, і холод ...' - 'at night there's ice, and mist, and snow, and cold' (Taras Shevchenko, 1860, describing winter in St. Petersburg, in his poem 'О люди! люди небораки!')

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