пекти to bake, roast
Parts of speech



печіння gen. печіння - (action of) baking or roasting

печення gen. печення - (action of) baking or roasting; also baked goods



печений - (having been) baked, roasted (past participle)

печений - roast or baked (adjective)

пекучий - burning hot



пекуче - in an acute, pressing way


(с)пекти - to bake; scorch, burn; be very hot (of sun)

(с)пектися - to bake (of bread in an oven etc.); to bake, broil (in the sun)

випікати, випекти - to bake (a batch)

Useful compounds
and collocations

пекучий біль - acute pain

пекуча потреба - an urgent need

пекуче питання - a burning issue

Additional information

1. пекти and піч (initially a hole in the ground where food was baked) are etymologically related to печера - a cave (see entry)

2. пекло (hell, inferno), Old Slavonic пькълъ, was, after the advent of Christiantiy to Ukraine-Rus', popularly associated with пьцьлъ, the word for 'pitch, tar' (Latin - pix) in which sinners reputedly boiled in hell

3. печихвіст (literally - 'roast your tail) - is a folk name for вітрогон(ка) - a feather-brained, empty-headed, thoughtless person

4. there are a large number of words derived from пекти, a selection of which is given below.

Related words

печиво - biscuits; baked goods

печеня - roast meat

пекар(ка) - baker

пекарня - bakery, baker's shop

піч(ка) - oven, stove

мікрохвильова піч - microwave oven

спека - (sweltering) heat; very hot weather

печія - heartburn

пекельний - hellish

допікати (комусь) - to torment, harass (someone)

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