перець pepper
Parts of speech


перець, gen. перцю - pepper



перцевий - relating or pertaining to pepper

перчений - peppered (past participle)





перчити - to pepper (a  dish)

приперчувати, приперчити - to add pepper to (a dish); to pepper what one says with 'spicy' language, jokes etc.

Useful compounds
and collocations


Additional information

1. there are a number of idioms relating to перець: всипати перцю - to make things hot for someone; to be, or do something, з перцем - in a spirited manner; анекдот з перцем - a 'spicy' anecdote; серце з перцем - a person with a fiery character or a quick temper

2. there is a folk saying: `З перцем чи не з перцем, аби з чистим серцем' (With pepper or without, as long as it's with a pure heart).

Related words

перцівка, перчаківка - pepper brandy

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